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Erica Miriam Fabri: poet / performer / photographer / wife / mama / instructor / new yorker / lover

January 1, 2012

Dialect of a Skirt by Erica Miriam Fabri



Dialect of a Skirt (Hanging Loose Press, 2009) was included on the list for: The Best Books of 2009 at and made the Small Press Distribution bestseller List for June 2010 as well as the Poetry Foundation’s bestseller list for October 2010. Bob Holman wrote: “Move over, Poetry. Erica Miriam Fabri has entered the room: a first book, Dialect of a Skirt, is persona deluxe, post-feminist, playful, serious, adorable and untouchable simultaneously.” -Bob Holman,’s Best Poetry Books of 2009


  • “Erica Miriam Fabri’s first collection of poems Dialect of a Skirt dares the reader to keep the word beautiful written on the body.” -Michael Allen Turner, from Barrellhouse Magazine
  • “Erica’s work is smart, fierce and transforms even the most cynical among us into champions of the love poem.” -The LouderArts Project
  • “Fabri is a brilliant poet whose skill and sensitivity are only outweighed by her remarkable imagination and mesmerizing stage presence.” -The LouderArts Project
  • “Fabri gropes our language, she creates spells from idols, icons, from her own definitions of what it means to be forever young.” -Doug Holder, from The Boston Small Press and Poetry Review
  • “The truth is, no one needs to live without this book of poems.” -Doug Holder, from The Boston Small Press and Poetry Review
  • “The dance of the sexes is the theme of this promising debut by Erica Miriam Fabri. The author tells story poems. Love, sex, desire, rape, seduction, and charm are limned in first person narratives or monologues. Sometimes she’s herself and sometimes a worldly figure like Marilyn Monroe…” -Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, from The Brooklyn Rail
  • “Fabri has been smoking Mavericks with Anacreon.” -Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, from The Brooklyn Rail
  • Fabri’s strong voice, ear for nuance, and self-confidence are on full display. She never shies from being as concise as each individual poem calls for or letting them breathe when necessary, and she experiments with rhythm and line breaks in ways that don’t feel precious or self-indulgent. -Guy Le Charles Gonzalez, from

PRAISE FOR Erica Miriam Fabri :

  • “Erica Miriam Fabri is an outstanding poet and teacher of poetry…I recommend her without reservation.”  -David Lehman, Poet / Best American Poetry Series Editor
  • “Erica is one of the truly bright lights on the New York City poetry scene. She has featured for my Inspired Word spoken word event three times – which elevates her into rarefied company – and has been an absolute hit every single time. Not only is she a gifted writer, but her live performances, accompanied beautifully by Robin Andre on the guitar, are incredibly captivating – all at once laugh-out-loud funny and engagingly poignant. I can’t wait to her back on my stage.” -Michael Geffner, Inspired Word Reading & Performance Series Curator
  • “Erica is a focused yet charismatic and creative writer/performer/instructor; serious about her work and dedicated with great attention to detail. Her poetry is poignant and relevant, her performances take on a life of their own and her abilities as a clear and concise instructor who encourages the freedom for self discovery will be a valued quality for all privileged to learn from her.” -Brian Moore of The Kinetic Source @
  • “Erica Miriam Fabri has opened my mind up to poetry on so many levels that I cannot find the words to speak. She is a patient and encouraging teacher who motivates every student to write whatever and however they feel. Plus, she encourages students to perform their poetry at open mics. Erica is very open-minded and encourages students to express their opinions without being judged. She is an inspiring and creative teacher that thinks outside of the box. She always answer the emails I send her quickly and always with positivity and new ideas. I love having her as my teacher and want to take as many classes with her as possible.” -Kezia Tyson, Student, Pace University
  • “Erica is a dynamic instructor and talented poet with a demonstrated ability to inspire people to positive action. I’m certain she has the skills and personality to make a meaningful contribution to any community or institution she chooses to engage.” -Evan Burton, Lecturer, City College of New York
  • “Erica is one of the hardest workers I know. She’s often in the office until the wee hours, reading essays or meeting with teens…She is a true mentor to the young people she works with in our college bound program (using a curriculum she wrote, by the way!) and she brings a beautiful presence to our office with her lively, giving spirit.” -Marissa Lewis, Development Consultant / Grant Writer Urban Word NYC