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Dialect of a Skirt (2009) Hanging Loose Press (    BUY

“These aren’t poems. They’re ball gowns.” -Rachel McKibbens

“Wouldn’t you like to know what happened when Marilyn Monroe made love to Joan Crawford? (Hint: a webbed foot was involved.) Why holy is a secular world?  What Barack Obama’s grandmother thought?  What the poet said to the truck driver?  And why a fourteen-year old girl would throw her newborn out a window?  In Erica’s impressive first collection we hear a myriad of characters speak — some hilarious, some ironic, some tragic — and we can’t help but listen.  And learn.”   -Sharon Mesmer

“The poems in Dialect… are raw, honest, and built of a dance that takes place in trees. They are that kung-fu. This first book of Fabri’s challenges the landscape of contemporary verse and makes us joyful for having followed her in the end.” -Roger Bonair-Agard

The Creatively College Bound Reader (2008) Urban Word Press ( Hip-Hop lyrics, powerful poems and visual arts are used as starting points for writing exercises that will be reworked into essays that meet and surpass the expectations of the college admissions essay prompts.

The Creatively College Bound Reader is the textbook that accompanies the workshop series and scholarship program used and designed by Urban Word NYC and The New York Knicks Literacy Program. It is a workbook and step-by-step guide to the college admissions process using  innovative methods and inspirational contemporary art (Poetry, Hip-Hop and Graffitti) to assist high school students in a non-traditional way.

High Heel Magazine (2006, chapbook) The Belle Letter Press A short collection of  poetry published as the winner of The Belle Letter Press Chapbook Contest on the the theme “Word and Woman”.


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